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Thank You for a GREAT Year!

We are Sold Out of Firewood for this year. 

Please stay tuned for updates.

Welcome to Firewood in Tucson

Locally Sourced

Tree trimming & removal, firewood cutting, firewood stacking & delivery, pine, mesquite, eucalyptus

All our firewood is sourced right here in Tucson and the surrounding area.

Family Owned Business

Firewood in Tucson crew members. Tree removal, trimming, firewood cutting, firewood stacking team

Firewood in Tucson is part of Branching Out Tree Service, a family owned and operated business for over 25 years.

Perfectly Seasoned

Firewood in Tucson for camping, bonfires, grilling & cooking. Mesquite, Eucalyptus, Pine, Mixed Wood

We clear our own wood from our job sites and bring it to our facility, where it is stacked and seasoned—giving you the best product for your money.

Firewood Types & Pricing

A cord is a well-stacked pile of firewood measuring 8 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and 4 feet deep.


Our Best Seller! Mesquite is great for indoor or outdoor fires, and excellent for grilling and smoking. It burns hot and infuses foods with a rich, smokey flavor.

Pick-Up Prices: $325 Full Cord  •  $200 1/2 cord  •  $110 1/4 cord  •  $40 Wheelbarrow


Lights easily and burns quickly. It's a great wood for starting fires.

Pick-Up Prices: $245 cord  •  $145 1/2 cord  •. $70 1/4 cord  •  $25 Wheelbarrow


Burns long and hot, with less ash and a pleasant aroma. It's great in the fireplace, letting you relax more and add wood less often. It can take longer to light, which can be helped by using some pine.

Pick-Up Prices: $275 cord  • $150 1/2 cord  • $80 1/4 cord  • $30 Wheelbarrow

Mixed Desert Hardwoods

Quick lighting, hot burning wood. Great for outdoor fires and camping, or indoor fireplaces.

Pick-Up Prices: $225 cord  • $120 1/2 cord  • $90 1/4 cord • $20 Wheelbarrow

A cord is a well-stacked pile of firewood measuring 8 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and 4 feet deep. Prices listed are pick-up only. Truckloads and Carloads available! 

We also offer kindling and chiminea wood.

Stacking & Delivery Services

Firewood delivery & stacking, wood dumped, wheelbarrow, courteous crew, professional, neatly stacked

Tucson Area Delivery $20 - $35

Please Call for Details. Prices vary based on quantity of wood & zip code/delivery area. 

Wood will be delivered to your address and either piled in your driveway, or unloaded by wheel barrow to an area less than 30 feet from the truck.

There is an additional charge for wood dumped more than 30 feet from the delivery truck.


Free Delivery for orders of $450 or more.

Firewood Stacking $35 per Cord

Our courteous, professional crew will neatly stack your firewood within 10 feet of truck access.

Contact Us

Firewood Pick-Up or Delivery

Find out if the wood lot is open, or to schedule delivery.

Firewood In Tucson

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